Master Your Craft – Mike Colon & Bob Davis

We headed down to Baltimore, MD last week to attend the Master Your Craft workshop with Mike Colon and Bob Davis.

There was a few additional bonuses to this workshop, 1. The hotel had a pool, so Bridget, Christian, Brayden & Bryleigh joined me for a mini-vacation. 2. My good friend, Kenny Kim was accompanying Mike and Bob on this leg of their tour. We headed down Thursday so that we could hang out with Mike, Bob & Kenny to catch up and grab some dinner.

The workshop was fantastic. I love 1 day workshops. They really get the juices flowing for shooting & business. Mike and Bob are so passionate about teaching and sharing. I am happy to call them friends. I picked up a lot of new things and relearned some old things. It is like sharpening your sword… Learing and continuing to learn is awesome. If you are in one of the upcoming cities, be sure to attend!!

I met quite a few photographers that I hope to see again in the future. I am heisting some collages that Kenny Kim created and some images a few of my new friends captured. I didn’t take any pictures this trip! I was on vacation….hahaha

Thanks Mike, Bob & Kenny for a great time! I also want to thank Michelle and Maureen from Graphistudio for hosting/coordinating such a great event. It was nice to talk and spend time with both of you! And to all of my new friends especially, Peter, Armin, Asim and everyone else! I hope to see you in Vegas next month.

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  1. Hey David! We’re gonna catch this seminar when it rolls into Hartford next week- I am so looking forward to it- I am a seminar junkie- anything to get and keep me motivated and inspired.
    We really should set something up in Vegas! Have any fun party tips? 😉

  2. David,
    Thanks for your support. It was great getting to meet you and your family. Hope to see you in the future.



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