Loving the Fall Light

Happy Monday!

Man, this September and October have been fantastic for lighting! I have forced myself to create images of my children. The light is so beautiful this time of the year. If you know me or follow my work, I am a huge fan of backlighting. I know my subjects can attest to me saying “backlight is my absolute favorite lighting.” All of my personal favorite images are backlit in someway, shape or form. I don’t know what it is about it, I simply love it. When I am out and about without a camera, I see that backlight on people and objects and just say “aahhhhh, I wish I had my camera!”

Yesterday I spent about 30 minutes in the late afternoon sun. We were in the backyard with the kids on the swing set and playing in the leaves. We had a blast. I was also able to capture a few images. I am trying to shoot as much as I can this fall (on my personal time) and learn new ways to use backlight. I am getting a lot more flexible with the exposure and making a lot of mistakes! Mistakes is how I learn best 🙂

I am also keeping it as simple as possible. Using 1 lens, 1 camera, no assistants, no reflectors, no artificial lighting. As much as I love the technicalities of lighting an image to “perfection”, I love the “imperfections” more. I am experimenting with warm tones, cool tones, more contrast, desaturation, blown highlights, rich shadows, etc… It is so much fun to get out and shoot for yourself. I am on a journey and it sure is fun. I will continue to share.

Here is a favorite of my two littlest ones playing in the leaves. They are so stinking cute!

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