Kids say the sweetest things.

Bridget and I have been entertained lately by some of the things that Brayden says. Bray is at that age where he is really starting to discover who he is and how he feels about things. He really has an incredible vocabulary and we have wonderful conversations with him. It is so awesome!

Here are two recent things he has said that really made us smile.

Bray: “Mom, who made rocks?”
Mom: “God made rocks.”
Bray: “Yeah, Him make Teddy Grahams too.”

How sweet!

Then yesterday, I was cutting the grass and Brayden likes to follow me using his litte Home Depot mower.

Bray: “It’s a great day to lawnmower, huh Dad?”
Dad: “HaHa, you better believe it. It is a great day to lawnmower Bray!”

Taking time to talk to your kids really puts life into perspective. I love little nuggets like this. Have a great weekend and listen to your kids!

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  1. I miss that booger. can’t wait to see him again. I”ll answer all his questions for him. 🙂

  2. That is the coolest! I cannot wait to share moments like that with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

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