Interview with Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth, was recently interviewed by Tim Ferriss. It is an excellent read for you budding entrepreneurs out there. Gerber has a new book coming out on March 4 “Awakening the Entrepreneur Within“. I will be picking up a copy of this book too. The E-Myth is one of my all time favorite business books. He has a way of writing that really gets your fire going for success.

One thing he touches on that is VERY VERY important is that successful entrepreneurs today, seek Meaning rather than Money. This is not to say that the entrepreneur is not interested in money, but money without meaning is too big a price to pay. I cannot agree more.

Meaning is what has driven me to continually create and improve my business and purpose. We all need money, but the meaning of making a positive difference in people’s lives far outways the weight of any dollar I can ever make.

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  1. Hey David, great post! I too love this book and I will look for the new one coming out:) Oh, it will be out tomorrow! Yes, I will be at WPPI…I will drop you a line with my number and we can maybe cross paths. I am so excited!

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