Inspirations and Improvements

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite “non-wedding”, “non-portrait” (in a traditional sense) photographers that I love to follow for inspiration. Each year I pick something “technical” that I want to really hone in on and improve upon. Last year it was flash on and off camera. I learned a TON and really improved the way I can light things when I have too. My hat goes off to Zack Arias and his One Light Workshop for showing me how to do a LOT with little equipment.

This brings me to my first inspiration.
1. Zack Arias – You can see his music work here His other site, Besides being a stellar individual and an excellent photographer, Zack is a wonderful teacher as well. I hope to see him again soon.

2. Jeremy Cowart – Jeremy Cowart is a commercial photographer that lives in Nashville, TN. His work is beautiful and gritty at the same time.

3. Jill Greenberg – Jill the Manipulator is an incredibly talented Canadian-born photographer. Her portfolio is huge and awesome.

4. Dave Hill – Dave Hill Photo. His work is off the hook. He does some crazy photoshop magic to give the images a surreal feel. Very cool.

I have many more inspirations, but these are my current favorites. Who are some of your inspirations?

So this year I actually picked 2 “technical” areas to improve upon.
1. Custom Printing – I have a fantastic professional printer that enables me to print large images. I want to master my Black and White custom prints. This is something new that I want to offer my clients.

2. Studio Shooting – I want to continue my exploration of off-camera lighting with the intention to create unique portraiture of individuals. Simple and clean is the name of the game.

I will be sure to post my progress throughout the year.

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  1. Hey David!
    Can’t wait to check out who inspires you! I love checking out Anna Kuperberg’s blog, she is amazing.

    Glad to hear you will be in Vegas again this year! Let’s make sure we meet up!

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