I love photography books. Specifically, coffee table books, that have lots of different photos in them. I have always loved the portraits created for The Gap ads. When I was at The Gap yesterday, I discovered this book called Individuals. It contains page after page of images they have used over the years. I love the simplicity of the setups. Most images are created in front of a simple background (white/grey) and one light (off camera) is the light source. There are plenty of images where they use available light too. The images are plain, simple, but very effective. There is also no Photochopping! (a term used when too much Photoshop enhancing is used)

Simple = Beautiful.

Another cool tip. I purchased my copy from the Gap for $35. You can get the same book through for $23. 🙂

So if you are looking for an excuse to pick up a coffee table book, try this one.
Here is a direct link:Individuals: Portraits from the Gap Collection (Gap)

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