I’m Back!!!

Hi Everyone! I have missed you all while I have been recovering from my neck surgery last month. I am happy to say that recovery is going extremely well and I feel fantastic. The surgery was a huge success. I just started shooting again and am eager to continue working and posting new content here.

During my break from all things Social Media, I had a lot of time to spend with my family and flat out enjoy a much needed break. 2009 has been a really good year that has kept me bouncing back and forth trying to manage way too many things. I have had a chance to re-evaluate all of my commitments and plans so that I could identify my priorities. Bridget and I are very focused and excited for what 2010 has to offer. Bridget (she is my Rock!) has been absolutely amazing this past month especially, taking care of all of the heavy lifting (literally) and insuring the household and business continued to operate. To her I am extremely grateful. I love you b 🙂

So to all of you that are about to receive a new Digital SLR for Christmas stay tuned as I look forward to helping you learn how to work that machine!

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