Hockey and Easter Fun

When I was younger, I loved Hockey. I played for a few years and loved it. Since I have been a father, I have always hoped that someday, one or more of the boys would want to play hockey. I tried to get Damon involved a few years ago and one quick drop on the ice, turned him away for a while. It hurts, when you fall with no padding! We stuck with baseball, which he did very well with. Then to my suprise, Damon has been bitten with the Hockey bug! I think I was the same age as he, when it happened to me. I am so happy to see the passion in him! Needless to say, I signed him up for the first available clinic. I grabbed a few shots this past weekend. I will definitely be taking more as he progresses, check him out below.

On Easter Sunday, we pretty much kept it low key. We went to church and then came home to a fabulous lunch that Bridget started preparing in the morning. Ham, Potatoes, Corn Suffle, Salad, etc… It was soooo good! We had the boys dressed and it is rare for them to be together and all look pretty sharp! I tried to get a few formal shots, but that never works out. hahaha I have attached a few of the shots I did manage to grab. They are so much fun!

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