Headed to California!

Bridget and I are headed to California this weekend! Just Bridget and I, no kids… Wow, we don’t even know what to do! Bridget is very nervous about leaving the boys, especially Bray Bray. I know that they will be fine and we will have some fun. Bridget’s mother (AKA – MeeMaw) is coming in from Atlanta to watch them, so they will be in good hands. Please keep us all in your prayers while we travel and the boys are without us for a few days!

The reason for the trip is two-fold. I am attending a workshop hosted by Mike Colon. I have met Mike a few times and I can tell you that not only is he a fantastic photographer and businessman, but he is an incredible person. Mike is one of the most giving, open, honest and respected persons in the industry. He has been named as the youngest Nikon Legend Behind the Lense, is regularly featured in many publications, including having the honor of being the exclusive fashion photographer for Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine.

The workshop is called 4-Day Intensive Mike Colon Experience. It is filled with information, shooting, editing and networking. I am so excited! I will be sure to post about it and the images I capture.

The second reason for the trip is for Bridget to see California (Newport Beach) for the first time. It is time for her to kick back, relax, read, see the sites, etc… It acts as a little 2nd honeymoon for us too. When we were married we only went away for 2 nights, so this will be an experience that we both are looking forward to!

So we will be out of the office until Monday February 26th. We will have limited access to emails, but no access to voicemail. If you do contact us, please be patient and we will get back to you when we return.

Newport Beach, CA

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