Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! It’s 2008 and life is good! We had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with our family. The kids were awesome and they enjoyed everything thoroughly. Spending so much time with them over the Holidays was such a treat. I wish that I could do that everyday. Unfortunately I have to work… Fortunately I work, doing something I LOVE!

I am very excited for this year and happy to be back at it. We have so many cool things going on this year with our business and I cannot wait to share with you.

So a New Year’s would not be complete without a few goals. Here are a few of my personal goals:
1. Lose 20 lbs by March 15 (accomplished with a much better diet and exercise)
2. Do something Physical everyday, outdoors rain or shine (walk, bike, skate, kayak, hike)
3. Blog about more useful things
4. Start cooking and creating new meals (I love to cook, but have not done it much)
5. Spend more one on one time with each of my kids, individually
6. Date night with Bridget, at least every other week

I created two lists. Personal and Business. I think setting goals and writing them down are very important. It acts as a roadmap for you to follow.

What are some of your goals for the new year?

Here is an image from New Years Day. Lil Bray was sleepy (captured by Bridget):

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  1. Love your goals, especially the one about spending individual time with each kid- SO important!
    One of my goals is to narrow down my loooong list of goals and create a manageable short list- is that bad? To have too many goals? 🙂

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