Great Blog Post – Seth Godin

Seth Godin writes a blog that I like to read. Seth is a very talented writer specializing in marketing. He has a great post on his blog today “Is effort a myth?”. It is some good food for thought!

Check it out.

Click on the Pic of Seth to check it out:

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  1. Thanks for the recommended reading. He truly is a talented man. Have you ever read The Dip? I loved it. Short. Sweet. To the point. My kind of book; my kind of writer.

  2. I follow Seth’s daily posts on twitter, and he’s one of those rare few good twitters out there today in a sea of twitter noise.
    And this post is one of those that was so right on for me that I kept thinking about it and almost wanted to print it out for my bathroom mirror, as one of those “golden” posts that really hit the relevancy chord, you know? He’s amazing. What does this guy eat for breakfast to get all that insight each and every day?

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