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Hi All,
I am headed to Las Vegas, NV for a few days to attend WPPI. WPPI is the largest convention for Wedding and Portrait Photographers. It is a wonderful event, where I continue to build my network of wonderful colleagues. There are many classes/seminars you can attend and a tradeshow containing lots of new products. I am not a gambler and am not much of a shopper, so this is a low budget trip. I am staying with a few of my friends and am certain we will have a good time making new friends. Hope to see you there if you are going! You can follow me on twitter @ to see what I am up to.

In other news, the “Fresh Start” is just a back-end transformation of my blog. At heart, I am a geek and technical. I am always looking to improve my techie life by exploring new technologies and such. For years, I have been using Blogger as a blogging platform. I have been overall very happy with blogger, but decided to explore a few other platforms. In comes WordPress. After using wordpress for about a month, I have decided to start fresh and create this new blog using the WordPress platform.

Without getting too technical, I just love the flexibility and ease of customization. There are many bells and whistles that are not important to me, but if I need them they are there. What makes WordPress so great is that is an open-source platform, so many people are writing to improve and extend it. I believe that WordPress is going to be the standard someday 😉 (Ok, maybe not, but it will be My standard!)

Originally I was going to just import all of my old posts into WordPress and make more of a seamless transition, but at the last minute I made the decision to start New. I love New Beginnings. So you can always find my old blog posts here & I will add a link in the menu too.

This Blog is pretty much ready to go, I have a few more tweaks to make and look forward to sharing all things Wedding and Editorial Photography related with you. I have another blog project brewing that I will post and share at a later date.

In the meantime, I will leave you to browse the old blog until I return from Las Vegas and kick off 2009 gracefully.

Thank you for being a blog reader/visitor and friend! I am happy to have you here.

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  1. David: Thank you, thank you for your excellent work 6/6/09 @ Becca’s & Jason’s wedding! You and Dan are wonders at what you do! You two were everywhere, but completely in the background capturing absolutely everything. Best wishes to your family & w/ the new Burke to come. Travel safely on the mission trip. Thanks again SO MUCH!

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