First Glimpse at Baby Burke!

This morning, Bridget went to have an ultrasound to make sure all is well and she brought home our first baby picture of our little ‘bean’. He/She is so tiny right now, that it is difficult to make things out. I put some labels on the image, to help you out a bit. The heart is beating strong at a rate of 167. Everything looks great!

I could not be there this morning, which was a bummer. But hearing Bridget’s voice on the phone, telling me all about the picture and the hearbeat really made it ‘REAL’. !!! We are so excited. I got all choked up on the phone with her. It is so awesome!

So, debuting for the first time…. Lil Bean Burke.

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  1. he/she looks like you already! 🙂
    how does something that young have such fast heartbeat? our God is amazing!

  2. David Burke! Saw your post on’s site and had to check in with you! I met you in Vegas! LOVE your work and am so excited for you on the new bean! Bean’s are great, aren’t they? 😉

  3. Ahh. How special and exciting! Pregnancy is the best! I hope you guys enjoy every second of it 🙂

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