Element of Love!

Hello People… Thank you Heather and Joanne for a wonderful and creative learning experience! I had a blast and enjoyed my time with you and everyone else!! Thanks to Maria for being an awesome model!! Love, Bridget!!

Today, Bridget attended a wonderful workshop, thrown by two of our good friends, Heather Lahtinen and Joanne Bartone. Together, they created an experience called ‘Element of Love’. EOL is a workshop that combines the talents of both of these wonderful artists, business savy, photographers. Bridget came home very energized and ready for wedding season. We are getting ready to kick off the season on March 31!! We are really looking forward to the many weddings we have scheduled.

Bridget met some great people and made some new friends. She said the workshop was filled with extremely valuable information, for the beginner, intermediate and professional. She HIGHLY recommends taking the Element of Love workshop the next time around. Joanne and Heather are very professional and passionate about what they do. They really want to elevate all photographers in all aspects of the business. I think that what they are doing is awesome! It is so nice to have a group of photographers together, sharing information and helping each other out. Gone are the days of keeping secrets from each other and being stingy with knowledge. Life is too short! Share what you know and you will end up learning a lot more than you ever imagined.

Bridget was working the Nikon like a Pro today! Didn’t she do great??:

The Dynamic Duo Joanne and Heather

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  1. Nice Work!!!! woo hoo …Go Bridgit!! How fun!!! And I totally agree ” Life is too short!…learning a lot more..”

    You guys are so cool!!

    Melissa Rich

  2. Bridget, you are fabulous, thank you for such an amazing day!! If you haven’t met Bridget, she is fun, gorgeous and very energetic… just a great person to be around!

  3. Bridget, you were a doll to be around! Thank you for spending the day with us! I have every confidence that you will have a great wedding season! “M” is the “word” – go get ’em!
    Best, Joanne

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