Desktop Wallpaper October 2009 | Why are you doing what you are doing right now?

This month’s desktop wallpaper is a little different that the previous months. I love the beauty of Africa, such as the landscapes and animals, however the reason we went to Tanzania was to benefit Thirst Relief and the efforts they are making in the country. There is a good story behind this image, I promise.

This month’s wallpaper represents the reality of the people being helped by Thirst Relief. This is the picture of a Kitchen. Formerly, this space was used as a chicken coup, but the chickens were all stricken with a disease and died off one by one. These chickens were a source of income for this family. The owner of this kitchen lives in a small home made of sticks and mud and shares it with his spouse and 3 children. The owner also works for Son International, which is a water project funded by Thirst Relief. He makes very little money working for Son International and spends the majority of his time Pastoring a church, spreading the Gospel of Jesus, and taking care of his family.

Hearing this man’s story was very humbling. He had been trying to build a home out of cinder block (which you can slightly see in the background of this image) on his own. He could not afford to pay someone to build it for him. He has halted construction because he uses what little money he earns to send his sons to school. When I asked him how they survive and what they do for money… His answer (spoken in Swahili and translated to me) was, “I rely on God only. He gives us what we need and that is all we need.” Total Faith. I learned how little Faith I actually have at this moment.

I asked Ann, our guide, how much it would cost to complete the construction of this cinder block home, she answered, “Between $7,000 and $10,000 US Dollars.” As I heard this answer I looked down at the camera and lens in my hand which added up to…. $7,000.00. This was a very convicting moment. Now I do not feel guilty having great equipment to do my job and support my family, but the idea of what has been important to me changed dramatically at this moment. When I think about how much I want this or think I need that, etc.., I remember this Pastor, his commitment, his faith and his priorities. It helps ground me and make better decisions about what I am placing effort towards. This is a good time to ask yourself: Why are you doing what you are doing…right now?

I am so thankful for this Pastor and his family! The work that they are doing in Tanzania to help people and be God’s Love is beautiful! The trip there and experience has changed me forever. I am really looking forward to a new trip to Nairobi, Kenya next March.



Here is Pastor W. , wife and daughter (For the life of me I cannot spell his name!)


Here are his hands, which are worn from serving others.

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