Corey McNabb

Slowly but surely I am posting about all of my new friends I made at the Mike Colón workshop.
Meet Corey McNabb! He is a great guy and a fabulous photographer. He resides in Asheville, NC. Corey and I met online through Mike’s blog before the workshop. It was great to exchange some emails before we got there. It gave us both a chance to know someone before we arrived. hahaha

Corey recently won a bunch of awards with the WPJA. He is now a Gold Medallion Winner! Congratulations Corey!!

Check him out at Corey’s Blog .

A serious pose:

The REAL Corey: 🙂

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  1. Thanks David!

    The gang here agrees that the second shot looks way less gay than I felt when I was actually jumping!

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Vegas….my wife says you need to help keep me away from the tables! (She’s probably right)


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