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I love to learn! This weekend I am headed to Atlanta for the One Light Workshop “People are happier when they are lit!” with Zack Arias. I hear it is a fabulous very intensive one day shop. I truly cannot wait. I am also going to get the opportunity to photograph our brand new niece, Evie White. An added bonus!

We are very close to the arrival of our own new daughter too. When we booked this trip for me, we figured that we would still be 3 weeks out from Bridget’s due date and would have nothing to worry about. I have to admit, that I am a bit anxious about leaving. We both feel confident that things will be fine while I am away. The good news is there are a lot of flights between Pgh and Atlanta, so I can get home quickly. I will be praying a lot that God takes good care of my family while I am away. Can you do the same? thanks!

Zack is an incredibly talented photographer and it will be great to finally meet him. I will be sure to post images from the workshop. Have a great weekend!


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  1. ohhhhh yeahhhhh!!! So pumped to hear that you’re heading down to one-light. Please send zach my absolute best. I’ll warn you…it happens fast. So be present and soak it all in. I’m confident that you will see the world differently after this experience. “Better Living Through Lighting.”

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