Contest Extension and some new Bryleigh pics

Firstlly WE HAVE EXTENDED THE CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINE TO FRIDAY JANUARY 25, 2008. We will still post the winner on January 28, 2008. Get those entries in!!!

We have been asked for some recent images of Bryleigh, so I grabbed a few before her nap today. Looking at these, I just cannot believe how quickly she is growing up. My goodness she is 7.5 weeks old now! She is such a great baby and a joy to have around. We love her sooooo much.

Check her out:

Brayden wanted in on the action. I love how the motion is shown with his movement. Brayden is so mesmerized by Bryleigh. I also LOVE how she is looking up to him! ISO 400, 1/50 @ 2.8

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