Click of the Shutter – AIC Zion School in Mathare

I want to share this sequence of images with you because they just bring so much delight to me when I review them. As we all are recovering from an amazing trip to Nairobi, Kenya last week, I am tasked with going through thousands of images with the goal to edit a tight selection to be shared with everyone. This is not an easy task, I can tell you. I love all of the images but I do not want the value or impact of the images to diminish based on volume. Less is More in my book.

This sequence is from our last day in the Mathare Slum. We were in the AIC Zion school for children, which takes place in the church. In all there are 260 children that attend. The church is a 1 room building. The idea of a “church” in Kenya is very far removed from our idea of a church here. Humbling when you walk into a dirt floor, tin roof structure and people are just so enthralled to be there!

Back to the picture. Our good friend Mike was asked to pray for the school as we were departing. The children were so excited to see us everyday. This one girl in particular had a wonderful jingle to her voice as she said “how are you?”. It was absolutely priceless. While Mike was praying, I saw her up front and decided to get close enough to her and capture her intense prayer form. I snapped the first shot, trying to be as unobtrusive as I could, but the ‘Click of the Shutter’ peaked her curiosity and she turned to me and peaked through her fingers to see what the fuss was all about.

Once I captured the second shot, I went back to praying. I knew that I captured something special at this time.

I cannot tell you how moving this experience was. I would go back to Nairobi in a heartbeat. Seeing the joy and hope of the people is life changing. The children, especially, help you to see life and God in a whole different light.

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  1. I’m so excited to see more images. Let us know if you are putting any of these up for the charity sale/auction that you mentioned at the Q&A. I love the one of all the kids showing you the “peace” sign. =)

  2. Am a member of the zion church , I would like to thank the team that visited us for enduring the situation here at mathare slums and the photos shows very clear how different we leave in this world but all in all we are equal in the eyes of God.God bless you very much and hope that you will come again.

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