Bryleigh’s First Bath

Last night we gave Bryleigh her first ‘non-sponge’ bath. I love seeing a baby’s reaction to the first bath. She was just like the boys… Didn’t like it at first, but then grew to love it.

Brayden was a spectator and then he said ‘Daddy will you take my picture in the bath too?’ How could I say NO??

Here is a video and some stills.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. David,

    Hey man! I just got your comment… Did you guys have a good holiday?

    Just out of curiosity… when did you decide to do photography? Was it early on? Was it a hard transition moving into the digital world? When did that happen… like how many years ago? How has it affected what you do?

    Hopefully we’ll see you guys Saturday night!

  2. Happy New Year DBURKE! Stop posting these cute pics of your kids. They are distracting me from working! 🙂 May the Lord bless you and your business in 2008!

  3. Cool times.. enjoy them, as you know they fly. Now back to winning the copy of Exposure. lol

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