Bryleigh is much cuter than me :-) (and some Photo taking tips)

So Cute, originally uploaded by burkedt.

I just love having a daughter. She is so stinkin cute. Her face is perfectly round. I think she looks just like mommy. I can only hope! Mommy is so beautiful!

*Tech note* (and a few tips!)
Window Light Right
Nikkor 50 1.4

ISO 400
f-stop 2.0
shutter 1/100
WB – 5300K

When I am shooting available light, To nail my exposure I typically pick an ISO that I want to use. After that, Aperture is most important to ME so I then select that (I like large apertures 1.4 – 2.8). Then, I dial in the correct shutter speed for a good exposure (using my viewfinder meter) and finally set the correct white balance (I use my RGB histogram on my LCD for review). After a test shot or two, I am off shooting. At this point I am thinking about composition and focus-points, etc…

When recomposing your image ALWAYS be aware of what is in your viewfinder, because it can affect the overall exposure. You may need to adjust your shutter speed to compensate.

I will post some examples later.

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