Brayden turns 3

Our little Bray turned 3 yesterday. We had a little party for him and had a great time. He is so cute! It was a Spiderman themed party, because Bray loves all things Spidey. He received lots of great gifts, much of which were Spidey themed. He has been enjoying them all. We got him the Black Spiderman Muscle Suit. Last night when he was going to bed, he looked up at me and said, “I’m really glad I got the Black Spiderman Suit Dad.” He has been wearing it ever since. God Bless him!

Here are few snaps from our trusty ole Nikon D70.

Us adults had fun too with a one light setup at sunset.

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  1. First of all that SpiderMan costume is too awesome! Happy birthday kiddo!! And second, is that a Les Paul?? Sweet! Nice shot too.

  2. I am diggin’ the Black Spiderman costume. We have a black one and a red one at our house for our boys. It looks like you had fun! Great pics

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