Any Google Apps/Apple Mail Experts out there?

I love Google Apps and use quite a few features of it. The biggest feature I use is the Email. All of our domain emails go through Google Apps so we can get all of the benefits of Gmail. We also use Apple’s Mail client via IMAP to send and receive our emails. This has been working flawlessly for about 1 year.

Two days ago, I noticed that we had some new messages and an hour later they were gone, when using Apple Mail. I assumed that our accounts were hacked. I went into the Google Apps control and found the emails. They were moved from the “Inbox” to God knows where. I did an advanced search and set to “within 1 week from today”. There were the missing emails. So I moved them back to the inbox. Fired up Apple Mail again, and they were not there! Go back to Google Apps mail and find them again. Move to inbox. Repeat. Same thing. Apple mail seems to move them somewhere when it connects via IMAP.

I have deleted the accounts on Apple Mail and recreated only to see the same issue happening. Works fine from the iPhone.

If anyone has any ideas please email me at to make sure that I get it 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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  1. ugh, sorry dude…super annoying! i just switched everything to IMAP last week when I got the iPhone. can’t believe I lived without IMAP!

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