1 week later….

Wow this past week has gone by so quickly! We had a lot of family in over the holiday and are just now trying to get settled into our new and improved family routine. Adding Bryleigh sure has been a lot of fun! The boys are adjusting well, but they are definitely a little jealous. That is to be expected. Bryleigh sleeps like an angel, eats like a champ and does her business as she should ;-).

One of the things that I have been wanting to do as an ‘artist’ is take a hand at newborn photography. Newborns are soooooo adorable and I would love nothing more than to capture those details. Well, since I have a live in model, I was able to get a little natural light setup put together and give it a shot. It was great! Bryleigh was a trooper. Click on the picture to see a brief slideshow of the results.

Tech notes: All images shot with available window light. ISO set between 200 and 400. Shutter 1/80 – 1/200 sec, f2.0 – 2.8 using my 50mm lense. I used Black Velvet, an off white shaggy rug, beanbag, basket and a few blankets. One thing I learned is that a beanbag is ESSENTIAL when shooting newborns. It works perfectly.

I am very happy with the results and I cannot wait to shoot more of these.
Click on the picture to see a brief slideshow of the results.

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