Quitter Conference – Review List Style


Last weekend, along with two of my good friends, I traveled to Nashville, TN for the Quitter Conference – by Jon Acuff. This conference is built upon Jon’s fantastic book, titled, Quitter.

I have been following Jon for quite sometime due to his wildly popular blog “Stuff Christian’s Like”. The blog is a satire about the Christian Life. I love it! One of my favorites is the Jesus Juke. There are so many hilarious nuggets on his blog, that I knew meeting him in person would be very entertaining.

Since Jon prefers lists, I am going to list all of the awesomeness this conference offered.

  • The drive down held many great conversations
  • I made this picture in the car
  • It was held at Financial Peace Plaza (Dave Ramsey)
  • The environment was first class. Warm welcome, name tags with @ for twitter handle and space for your nickname.
  • Two very long and very full snack tables. They gave us a bag of goodies, so it felt like we were Trick or Treating picking up some snacks!
  • A generous offering of Jon’s books and Dave’s new book. All for $10/ea.
  • Jon’s warm, genuine, transparent and honest personality.
  • 200+ other folks that want to work on their Dreams.
  • A workbook with all of the answers already filled in for you (so you have more dreamtime).
  • We all received an official QUITTER T-Shirt
  • we also received a killer watch from Hello Somebody to feed the Hungry.
  • Incredible doses of inspiration and wisdom from Jon and the attendees.
  • Adequate networking time.
  • Tons of laughs.
  • A Twitter Hashtag #QUITTERCONF
  • A special 1 hour writing workshop.
  • An invite to the Listening Room Cafe to see the band Seryn (Incredible! I mean the guy literally sings into his Ukelele…. And it sounds awesome!)
  • 20120216-221630.jpg

  • And Jon is incredibly Handsome! 🙂

Thankful to Jon, Jenny, Chris and the whole Dave Ramsey Group for putting on a very fulfilling and engaging conference. It was an absolute steal at $99!! Next time he puts one together, you should get there.

PS – Jon if you’re reading this – stop and get back to writing your next book!! Lol


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