Leadership and Entreleadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership… – John C. Maxwell

There is so much truth to that quote. Whether you are a businessman, teacher, husband, father, player, coach, entrepreneur, etc…. leadership plays a HUGE roll in successes and failures of your adventures.

It’s funny though, how much awkward tension the word ‘Leadership’ causes at times. Some people I have interacted with never want to be recognized as a Leader… It’s like it is a dirty word! I can understand the interpretation of the word, coming across as pretentious, or putting oneself in a position of superiority. Heck you can’t get through the news these days without hearing about some leader in business or politics that gives leadership a bad name.

Let’s put the misconceptions about “Leadership” aside and focus on some goodness about it. It’s up to us to change that perception.

Over the past few years I have become passionate about leadership and developing my own leadership abilities. Once again as I always say, I am not looking for a destination, just enjoying the journey. The minute I think “I have arrived” is the minute that I stop growing and improving. That approach doesn’t appeal to me. I know there is always so much to learn.

While on my pursuit of Leadership knowledge, I have come across some extremely valuable teachers. A few of my favorites: John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Michael Hyatt and Dave Ramsey. I follow these individuals for a number of reasons, but most of all they are down to earth and relatable. They don’t sugar coat anything. They are just real. They talk about the good, bad and the ugly about leadership. They are humble and share their failures just as much as their successes. There is no fluff. Leadership takes a commitment to self improvement so you can continue to serve others. They all believe in the Servant Leadership model as opposed to Self Serving Leadership model. It is a beautiful thing, when your focus is to Serve others, not be served…

Dave Ramsey (Total Money Makeover) coined the term “Entreleadership” a few years ago and has been teaching it ever since. It has garnered rave reviews and over the years the programs consistently sell out. It is aimed at small business owners that are Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Dave is convinced that a successful small business person, needs to be a better leader than and entrepreneur. I couldn’t agree more. After having my own business for a number of years I have learned SO much about the importance of leadership vs. just being an entrepreneur.

I have always wanted to attend an Entreleadership Conference, however I have never been able to make it happen. Because the demand is so high and Dave (along with his team) has developed such a following, he decided to turn it into a book. Earlier this year when Dave announced that his new book, Entreleadership, would be shipping in September of 2011, I immediately pre-ordered it. I also will receive the free audio book as well (which comes in handy for those car and T rides…) I am really looking forward to the book!

Along with the launch of this book, he has also started a new podcast called, yep you guessed it, Entreleadership Podcast. It immediately shot to the top of the charts in the Business section podcasts. So far the podcasts have been great. If you are interested at all in leadership, I highly suggest you downloading the episodes. Dave jokes in the third episode that this Entreleadership book is much thicker than your typical business book. He also couldn’t fit everything in the printed version so there will be online chapters to download. He also talks about this being a PRACTICAL nuts and bolts kind of book. Not a “THEORY” book. I am anxious to receive my copy this week and start digging in.

The more I learn about leadership the more I understand the importance of great leadership. I can only hope that my own influence and service will impact the people I lead throughout the years, especially my children.

What are some of your favorite leadership resources?

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