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I took this picture with my iPhone, while I was in Africa and then processed it using the iPhone application Camera Bag. I used the Helga effect. I love using my iPhone camera and available apps to take pictures and tweak them a bit. It is simple and fun. I have thousands of pictures in my camera roll. Early last year I made a vow that whenever I took pictures with my iPhone, I had to use iPhone applications for tweaking. That vow has been a great thing. Some of my favorite pictures from 2009 were taken with my iPhone camera.

Nothing technical, no ISO, f stop, shutter speed or white balance. Point and shoot. Done. Sweet. The apps available are great too. Camera bag, Photogene, ShakeItPhoto and Best Camera are my favorites. I was on a roll posting a picture a day on my twitter account, but then I got lazy. I am starting up again. In fact, as you read this I am in Nashville, TN hopefully filling up my phone with pictures. It has become my official travel camera.

Have a great Wednesday!

PS – the Polaroid border is just a file I found on the web. Thought it looked fun.

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