– Who are you following?

Walking in the Rain is a great iPhone app that is building a very large community of mobile photographers. If you haven’t heard, climb out from under the bus and check it out.

If you are on, what is your @username so I can follow you? My username is @davidburke

I’d like to know who are your favorites to follow on

Who are you following on

Some of my favorite people to follow are:

I would like to follow more, so please bring on your @username and recommendations. I added a plugin to this site down in the right side-bar that shows my feed. I have been pretty lame at posting, but am determined to shoot and share more. is fun as it is simple and allows us to share visually. I don’t know about you but I am a little bored with twitter and facebook updates, lol. I am sure I will get bored with this too, but enjoying it for now….

So, why don’t you get an account?

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