WPPI – Information Overload Encouragement

Ahh, WPPI – so many fun memories for me! My schedule has not allowed me to attend the conference, that I loved, for the past three years. As much as I miss connecting with old and new friends, the break from all of the information/inspiration has been nice.

It’s easy to come away really charged up from events like this, when suddenly you realize you received entirely too much information and you either get stuck by “analysis paralysis” or you try to implement too many things at once. Take it from me, neither place is a good spot to be in. I have been in both.

Whether you are a veteran attender or fresh onto the trail of pursuing your dreams, here are a few tips that helped me make the most of the goodness that comes out of a conference such as WPPI. I am hoping this will help you make the most of your recent experience.

1. Write down the ONE thing that inspired you most. This is HARD to do, because likely more than one thing got you energized. Think about what is important to YOU and how this “one thing” aligns with your vision.

2. How can you put your thumbprint on this “one thing”? How can you make it unique? How will it enhance the experience you provide to your clients/audience?

3. Backlog all of the other inspirational items so you do not loose sight of them. Once you master the “one thing”, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Slow and steady wins the race. Curate your ideas. Master them and make them a natural part of what you do. Remember that even though something you learned makes sense and works well for the person sharing it, it may not be for you. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to implement things that sounded fantastic, but just were not for me. It’s OK to make mistakes, this is how we learn and grow into the creator we want to be. Don’t get discouraged by mistakes and slow growth either. It takes time. LOTS of TIME. I am still working, learning, failing (most times failing forward) and continue to find joy in what I do.

So, What ONE thing inspired you most? Maybe I can be inspired too 😉

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