What is Nikon Going to Announce?

I try not to get geeked out about new gear, because I know it is not going to make me a better photographer… BUT let’s face it. It’s exciting and fun! If money were no object I would probably by lots and lots of goodies. I am thankful that the Total Money Makeover has programmed me to pay cash and not go into debt. Since cash is limited (due to the rather large family I have :), when I want something it takes time to get it. I am good with that because it feels good to pay cash and not have debt hanging over your head.

So Nikon is about to announce something (rumors are around a mirrorless camera, like the Micro 4/3’s that have been coming out lately), which is evidenced by there new teaser site, I AM COMING.

What are you thinking? Mirrorless, D4, D800? Maybe the are resurrecting the Coolwalker! haha
Do you care? Whatever it is, the next best thing is right around the corner and we can continue to chase it or use what we have and make great photographs. The choice is ours.

I will probably stick with what I have, because I have more than enough, and continue to enjoy the Old is New cameras I have been using all summer. My main camera bodies are the Nikon D3 which I am planning on holding onto for at least 1 more year.

Wherever you sit, enjoy the wait and surprise!

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