What was your first FAVORITE camera?

What was your first favorite camera and why?
Not necessarily your first camera… Your first camera that you LOVED.

Mine was the Kodak S100 EF Electronic Flash Camera 35mm. I purchased it in the late 80’s for around $35.00. I have so many prints from this camera! I literally took it everywhere with me in my late teenage years. Regretfully I lent it to someone and then someone else took it from her and threw the camera smashing it to pieces! I had it for about 3 years. Needless to say I was heartbroken, and it was discontinued by this time, so finding an exact replacement was tough. If only eBay were around then!

The person I lent it to surprised me and bought me an Olympus AZ-330 Infinity Zoom (I still have it), which was a sweet camera that I enjoyed. I never did love it as much as my Kodak S100 though. The S100 was simple. It was so light-weight and compact. It also produced beautiful images. I remember getting my prints back and always being amazed at how colorful and crisp they were.

I think I am going to pick one up on eBay just for the nostalgia. Bridget always laughs at me for being nostalgic. She laughs at that and the fact that I spout dates of music, movies and history often. My whole life is chronologically ordered by music and movies. If it’s the only way I can remember things, then so be it! She is just jealous because she is too young to understand :).

I have been having a lot of fun these past few months shooting film with my Canon AE-1 and Nikon N80 cameras and recently my Pops’ Polaroid SX-70. I picked up some SX-70 compatible film over at The Impossible Project. It is fun, but I am a little disappointed that in 8 frames I only have 2 usable images. Not sure if it was that particular pack or not. I followed the instructions on the site and in the box. I am going to load up a few more packs and see what I come up with. Maybe Polaroid will get back in the instant film game and provide better film for the SX-70. (A boy can dream, right?) Hearing that snap and the picture eject from the camera, brings back some Ultra Sweet Memories!

These days, Fuji is putting out some decent Instant Film Cameras called Instax. I prefer the Instax 210 and the Instax Wide Film. It isn’t as nostalgic as the Polaroid film from back in the day, but the quality is super. One of my upcoming weddings includes a PhotoBooth where we will be using our Fuji Instax 210 cameras. Needless to say we are looking forward to the fun!

I am currently saving my pennies for a Hasselblad 500 c/m with an 80mm 2.8 lens and 120 back. I have always wanted to shoot some medium format and like the size and weight of the Hasselblad. I have considered a few others but keep coming back to the Hasselblad. I look forward to my camera collection growing over the years!

So do you have a Favorite First Camera? Do you still have it?

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