Tech Tips Tuesday | Creating Invoices with Ease.


Chances are if you are making money with your camera, you have the need to generate invoices in a clean, professional way for your clients. While there are a few Studio Management options available, not one of them has an easy way to create One-Off invoices. Try it. You will jump through hoops only to be disappointed in the end.

If you are like me, you want things to be quick, clean and simple. I introduce Invoice Machine. I have used a few online subscription based invoice applications, but none work as sweetly as Invoice Machine. It is nothing fancy, no whizbangs or glam. It just works. Create invoices like a champ. Give their free account a try and see what you think. Invoice Machine paired with Highrise is a huge win/win for our low volume studio. Both are Extremely user friendly and will cost you about $22 a month for both.

Now go back to shooting, create some invoices and get paid 😉

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