How I Can Serve You.

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I like to keep things simple. Your job is to live out and enjoy YOUR day. My job is to honestly document the connections, love, laughter and joy in front of me. You do your thing, and I will do mine.

Deal? Deal.

Being a documentary photographer does not mean being a ‘fly on the wall’. Even though I will not be directing and ordering you around, I will be close to the action, so you will know I am there. The only times direction will be needed is when we create beautiful family and individual portraits. Even then, the images will be natural. I promise. I also promise not to turn your day into a photoshoot and keep your guests waiting!

custom-usb-flash-drive Custom USB drive to store the treasures of your day.

You Will Receive:

  • Pre – Wedding consultation (via phone, in-person, Skype or Facetime)
  • Custom wedding day photography coverage
  • Personal editing services to optimize your quality photographs
  • Online Gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering prints or digital files
  • Your photographs delivered on an archival custom wooden USB Flash Drive – for preserving your treasures

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You will have access to:

  • Unlimited access to me for questions, suggestions, ideas, etc.
  • Additional photographic services (engagement sessions, dress fitting, rehearsal coverage, future family sessions)
  • Album design services
  • The most beautiful handcrafted albums available
  • Choice of premium leathers, linens and faux leathers
  • Custom prints and gallery style canvases

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How are you different from other wedding photographers?

My heart has always been drawn to human connection. The two of you have a unique connection which includes all of the lovely relationships surrounding you. Approaching your wedding as an outsider looking in enables me to focus on your unique connection. I believe wedding photography should be timeless, not trendy and conformed to the traditional ideas of wedding photography.

Will my wedding be a good fit for you?

Do you want your photographs to be captured authentically and honestly without a director or someone orchestrating each moment? Do you enjoy photographs that: ‘draw you in’, ‘have life’, ‘have a soul’ are ‘genuine’ and tell a story? Then YES your wedding will absolutely be a good fit for me.

I don’t live in Pittsburgh, so how can we connect?

I love meeting my future clients in person, however I know this is not always possible. These days, the majority of my clients do not live in Pittsburgh, PA. They either live elsewhere and come home to get married or bring me to their location where they are getting married. Thankfully we have Skype, FaceTime and good old telephone conversations to take advantage of. I am open to what makes you most comfortable starting a conversation together.

Do you travel outside of Pittsburgh?

Yes! We take care of our travel arrangements and work the costs into your total so there are no surprises.

Do you use second shooters?

I am the primary photographer and sometimes bring a shooting assistant. This depends on my clients’ specific needs. I like to keep distractions minimized. The digital age of photography has highly inflated the advantages to having multiple photographers shooting at your wedding. I prefer to keep it simple and quiet. If you are interested in me hiring a second full time shooter we can discuss.

Do you capture formal portraits?

Although you will not see formal portraits in my portfolio, I absolutely capture them beautifully and efficiently. It is so important to have these! Everyone is looking their best, smiling, having fun and full of love and excitement! These portraits include the two of you, immediate family and spouses, bridal party and special requests from you. I also like to spend 10-15 minutes alone with the newlyweds, away from the crowd, so we can capture some timeless portraits.

When can we see our photographs?

Within 4 weeks after your wedding you will receive a link to your online gallery. Our online galleries make it easy to view, share and order prints (if you wish). Your family and friends will also have access to the gallery for viewing and ordering.

How can we order prints?

You can use your online gallery to order basic prints, however if you would like a more custom fine art print, please contact me directly.

When will we receive our USB Flash Drive?

You will receive your digital images delivered on a custom wooden USB flash drive within 60 days of the wedding. You will also receive a link to print a ‘digital release’ form, should you need it when making future prints. These photographs are yours to print, email and share online via your favorite methods.

Are we required to purchase a wedding album?

You are not required to purchase a wedding album, however I highly recommend this purchase. To me the final product of the supple leather binding with your beautiful images on the pages is the ultimate pay off. It is a one of a kind album, delivered in a beautiful hand crafted box for safe keeping. Trust me, you will love having an album to review with the future generations in your family.

How do we book you?

I thought you would never ask :-)! If you would like to become my client, you can do so by clicking here or by clicking the ‘CONTACT’ button at the top of this page. I am looking forward to working with you!!!

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Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself by reading this information. If you would like more information, I encourage you to give me a call at 412.979.7525.