Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer – David Burke

Photographing real moments (not staged or posed) to tell your story.

Spontaneous. Candid. Natural. Genuine. Unique.

These are just a few adjectives describing the moments that will unfold on your wedding day. Capturing these require an expert eye, so your wedding photographs will be unlike any others.

I’m David, a documentary wedding photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA and available for travel wherever my clients bring me along. I specialize in documentary wedding photography (aka wedding photojournalism).

Here is a little video of me talking about why I do what I do:

When I was a young boy, I was always drawn to photographs within the pages of LIFE magazine, National Geographic, Time and Newsweek. At the time I did not realize why I was drawn to these images. It wasn’t until later in life, while carrying a camera with me, when I realized why I was drawn to them. It was because the majority of subjects photographed were not aware of the camera. The images were almost like peeking through a window and observing the action as it happened. Click. The photograph was made. When I decided to pursue photography as a career, I knew I had to adopt this approach of documenting. Observe and React. Weddings became a natural fit for me due to all of the little stories and moments that happen throughout the day.

I love human connection, emotion, chaos and everything that comes along with it. If you love photography and are not fond of posing, I think we will get along well. My goal is to be your historian for the day. You are the leader. I am there to follow and capture the beautiful, natural moments in real time, for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Please contact me if you would like more information on working together.