Wedding photography is about YOUR story.

Hi. I am David Burke – Documentary Photographer. I want to tell your story through photographs.

I’m David and I’m a documentary photographer, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have photographed weddings across the United States and beyond. I tell stories through photographs, without intruding or directing “what should be”. Instead, I capture things “how they are”, naturally. I love the raw, genuine moments and emotions that occur throughout an event. They are perfectly, imperfect just the way they are!

When I considered getting into wedding photography, I was less than excited about it. I assumed there was a formula I must follow to make the traditional types of images I associated with wedding photographs. You know what I mean, stale, posed, lifeless photographs. In fact my first few weddings I shot, I stuck to this regimen and was less than happy with the results. I thought hard about this and almost decided to walk away from the idea. I knew I loved photography and always wanted to be a photographer. What was it that inspired this? It was simply: Life. Looking back at my “snapshots” of life, the best images were when no one was aware of the camera. The subjects were “doing their thing” and I was freezing that moment with a click. I thought about all of the photos I loved while growing up. Thumbing through Life magazine, National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, local papers, etc… What was the common thread? The subjects were not camera aware. Beauty lies in the chaos! I decided to take a chance and approach my photography like this. I was told by a few peers that my approach “would never work”… Here I am 10 years later and they are long gone… (just sayin’).

I hope you take the time to explore this site and catch a glimpse of my vision. You can start by visiting my portfolio PORTFOLIO. I would be honored to tell your story, so you and your loved can treasure the memories forever. When you are ready, you can CONTACT me here.